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Audio Video Localization

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Audio/Video Localization Services:

Excellence Translation offers comprehensive Audio/Video Localization services. Whether we are providing translation services as voice-over, subtitle, Transcription or creating localized versions of digital media, Excellence Translation has the ability to create high-quality translations of your content. We have the experience to offer video translation services that go beyond just the ability to successfully translate a video. With experts that are deftly skilled in the multilingual development environment, our developers and designers can do more than simply translate YouTube videos or translate video to text. From video game translation to eLearning and marketing messages, we can help expand your reach.

Over the years, an increasing number of companies have turned to multimedia as an effective strategy of conveying messages and information to stakeholders. Video is the highest media format consumed digitally by the global audience. Online videos are an important element of the marketing mix for multiple successful brands. Many surveys have reported that Video accounts for approx. 69% of all consumer internet traffic & 95% of information presented via video is retained by the viewer.

Excellence Translation is proud to offer leading services in audio and video translation/localization. If you have an audio/video recording in any language and necessity the text transcribed (extracted) or both transcribed and translated, we offer you our high quality transcription & translation services: accurate word for word transcription followed by translation from native-speaking domain experts (medical, technical, marketing, etc.).

Our Audio/Video localization services enable your organization to reach vast populations that do not use English. With the professional Audio/Video localization services of Excellence Translation, your business will bear witness to an expanding, wide-reaching pull in target regions around the world.

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words – Forrester Research