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Localization Services

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Website and software localization demonstrates credibility, desire to work with other cultures, understanding and recognition. It gives you a chance to attain significant exposure of your products/services and to introduce them to millions of new potential clients and to positively impact your revenue. Rendering your websites and software linguistically and culturally relevant to any target market helps you shove your business a few giant leaps forward.

Localized sites generate more worldwide leads and conversions and build the credibility you need for global partnerships. The Internet opens up international marketing to another dimension and makes it possible to reach modern markets as easily as if they were next door. However, cultural differences can guide to misunderstandings and interfere with your message. Precise, culture-sensitive website translation is the answer to success in online markets.

We are specialized in localization of web content, e-commerce websites, mobile applications and trading platforms, Video games as well as the translation of product sheets in an immense broad collection of disciplines, such as IT, Life Sciences, Media, Publishing & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Legal & many more.

Our professional translators are experienced at translating highly technical content for your businesses’ website, mobile application as well as customer interfaces and software interfaces for project management and e-learning systems. Our localization company of engineers and linguists will assist you boost your revenue by rendering your software products and websites linguistically and culturally relevant to the target market.

Any attempt to establish your business in the modern market must be accompanied by quality website translation respectful of the culture of the country concerned. Entrust your translation projects to Excellence Translation, the ideal partner for your international business.

Our localization service will assist you to:

Achieve cultural awareness;
Secure new clients and conquer foreign markets;
Boost your revenues.