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Machine Translation

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Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) Services:

Ensuring quality with a human touch for MT-aided localization projects

With recent advances in machine learning, Machine Translation (MT) offers a highly efficient alternative to human translation with the potential to automate the initial processing of millions of words per hour.

However, MT systems generally lag behind human translators in ensuring the cultural appropriateness and syntactic clarity of translated content, making linguistic review by in-country linguists and subject matter experts essential to safeguarding the quality and consistency of final deliverables. Capturing both the efficiency and cost savings of MT and the human-touch only human linguists can offer, CSOFT’s Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) services provides the ideal solution for high-volume translation projects where mission-critical content needs to be translated at scale without sacrificing quality.

We offer MTPE for a full range of content areas, including:

eCommerce and Web Content
Technical Documentation and Product Manuals
Localized Software
eLearning Materials etc